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What is SNMB? Description and guidelines are below. The acronym, well... feel free to guess as much as you would like.

1. Several characters, determined by random on a selected nights, will be pulled from their cells by the guards, kicking and screaming, to participate in one of several options planned for that night. This could range from having your character experimented on (and possibly enhanced, though not always) to running a gauntlet as a team, to an arena battle with other characters or vicious NPCs, to simply being handed a weapon and brainwashed into killing other patients, to anything else the mods may come up with at the time.

2. You will receive an e-mail from the mods no less than three days prior to the beginning of night (when the shift changes from 2nd free shift to dinner). If you do not reply within two days either accepting or denying, you forfeit your spot and it will be randomly assigned to someone else.

3. Your e-mail will include a brief summary of the kinds of activities that will be going on during that night shift, as well as any rules specific to each activity. You may choose which you wish to participate in if you are accepted, at which point you will be given more details on the next steps.

4. We want everyone to get a chance at SNMB; you won't get a second turn until everyone has had their first.

5. Randomization will be done by player, rather than by character. If you have multiple characters, you get to choose which gets to have SNMB.

6. Your character is unable to resist the guards pulling them out for the testing. If they do resist, the collars will knock them out temporarily.


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