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Closing Hell's Gate

As much as I hate to do this, there's no choice left. I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to any of you (if you're still reading this).

I'm closing Hells Gate RPG.

I apologise to everyone who has been apart of the game. Everyone here has been wonderful and I've enjoyed playing with each and every one of you. It definitely saddens me to see that it's come to this point because I do honestly think that the game did have potential. Unfortunately I no longer have any steam for the game or to run it anymore, and considering the small player base in it, I don't think that there's even a point changing MOD control to anyone else.

Thank you to everyone who has made this game wonderful, and I hope that I will see and RP with you all again.


Very Sad to be Posting This

It's becoming clear to me that I have far too much on my roleplaying plate (it has been since early December). I've agonized over what to cut back. I hate that one of the choices is Hell's Gate Penitentiary. I am kind of dying under the time pressure of the shift schedule here. I didn't used to but there are new priorities in my life. I have to get out and find work, help take care of Cantropos as he starts a new job, and try to restart my own creativity.

It's the usual. My life is changing and there's less time for this type of fun. I hope to see some of you guys in the games I'm keeping or if I get a chance to open up this part of my life again. I hope Hell's Gate keeps going--I really liked it here. The mods are good, hard-working, creative people, and I wish you all luck. I'll be deleting this journal within a few days.

Sam (with Armand St. Just)

short hiatus!

I've been sick, things have been going on and our thread died. I'm gonna take a short hiatus. Just a few days. I'll be back for breakfast.




I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that I'll be on a slowatus (hopefully not a full hiatus) from the 15th until the 17th. I'm moving this weekend and visiting family between getting from A to B. They do have internet... but how much net time I'll get, I'm not sure. Probably not that much (especially on the 17th).

This will affect both Sephiroth (clinically_nuts), Tassadar (aiursfavoredson, and Yuuri (mazoku_king.

I'll try to keep on top of the threads as best as I can, but I'll be dotty at best. If it's nothing major, you can either skip/move my character.

I'll be back hopefully on the 18th to thread again (so long as I'm not too tired). If not then I'll definitely be back in action on the 19th ♥



Introducing a new character

Sage here with a second character, to be introduced next dayshift. This will be Gellert Grindelwald from the series Harry Potter. He will be arriving post his death (age 115) but will appear here in his much younger body (age 19). His memory will be hazy at first but it will slowly come back to him.

Thus, the prodigal child returns. ^_^;;

That's right, I just couldn't stay away from you guys. I missed this place too much after a while, especially in regards to my continued interest in the future of the plot and the CR I'd built up with certain other characters (*cough*SAE/YUURI OTP*cough*). So I've re-applied with Sae and been accepted back into the fold (thanks again, Ozzy ♥). I can't wait to get started again next dayshift. Sae will retain all her memories from the time she was previously at HG, for those curious.

For those newer players who don't know me: I'm Eryn! I used to play a few characters here, including Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann, and (my favourite) Sae Sawanoguchi from Magic User's Club. If you're interested to find out more about Sae as a character, feel free to check out her profile page for a brief description; I have her full application posted to her journal as well, if you're really up for spoilers and TL;DR. As for me as a player, I had originally dropped here due to some issues I had playing in multiple RPs at once, and some frustration over the number of players that kept dropping out before. I've kind of lurked around still since then, though, and seen the arrival of some interesting new players that seem to be sticking around. As well, I've since reduced the number of full-time characters I play in my other game, so I should be okay to play one character here again. :D Looking forward to talking to anyone I haven't yet met!